This north of the border singer is still supporting the cult and his cult contact.

She is really starting to make some money exploiting him and tries to convince the world they are a couple.

Shawn Mendes

The Modern Mystery School

Charlie Travers

Cult called the Modern Mystery School recruiting members in Ireland. I wrote an article about them in 2021.
byu/Roos85 inireland

The Modern Mystery School has faced various controversies over the years. One major point of contention revolves around its claims of lineage and authenticity. Critics question the legitimacy of the school’s lineage tracing back to ancient mystery traditions, particularly its purported connection to historical figures like King Salomon. Some skeptics argue that these claims lack substantial historical evidence and are used to lend credibility to the organization.

Another source of controversy is the financial aspect of the Modern Mystery School. Critics have raised concerns about the high costs associated with participating in its programs, workshops, and initiations. Some former members have accused the school of being more focused on generating revenue than on genuinely helping individuals on their spiritual paths.

Additionally, there have been allegations of a cult-like atmosphere within the organization, with former members sharing stories of manipulation, control, and psychological harm. These accounts include reports of pressure to conform to the teachings and hierarchies of the school, as well as instances of emotional and financial exploitation.

Despite these controversies, the Modern Mystery School continues to operate globally, attracting followers who are drawn to its teachings on personal and spiritual growth.

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