The foreign born A list mostly movie actor is really getting tired of reading “quotes” from him in tabloids that he didn’t say but his girlfriend says are from him.

Robert Pattinson

Suki Waterhouse


Speaking of sober, this beach actor pretty much stopped trying to hide his drinking before the show even started.

Everyone thought he might pass out before the show ended, but he pulled himself together to be able to enjoy the whole night.

David Hasselhoff

The foreign born alliterate singer is furious about her new song underperforming, this was supposed to be her big comeback but not even fried hair, paying influencers or buying streams can save her.

She had to resort to buying TikTok comments too, to flood her comment section with positive reviews and flush out the negative comments from the general public.

Camila Cabello

This A/A- list daytime star is being suspended for ten days for bringing a gun on set.

Steve Burton

General Hospital

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