She loves the attention.

Move over, Sherlock—there's a new sleuth in town, and she's got the world wondering, "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, it might just be a baby bump!"

3 blinds in a row

3 blinds in a row: He is not committed to the girlfriend. / You are not supposed to demand things when you are volunteering / Before this guy died he had a months long hookup with this actress

Paps missed the argument by five minutes

If the pap who was called by this foreign born celebrity to snap her with this foreign born A list superhero actor, had stuck around for another five minutes, he would have seen an argument between the couple at a coffee shop. The actor was ticked off.

She craves publicity and COVID crushed that for her.

This foreign born A- list model who, by name alone, sounds as if she might be from a different country than her home, has had two high profile relationships. Neither of the guys she was with, whether the beard or the other actor wanted any kind of publicity. She craves publicity and COVID crushed that for her. She and the A/A list mostly movie actor are done, just when he is about to gear up publicity wise.