Reader Blind: This foreign born A-list actor has no idea that his so called fiancés baby isn’t really his.

He’s gonna need a DNA test.

Robert Pattinson

Suki Waterhouse

There is a petition online to forbid this A+ list singer from attending any more home games, especially in the playoffs.

Taylor Swift

Kansas City Chiefs

The only person saying this washed up former host is getting the prime cable hosting comedy gig is the washed up former host herself.

She thinks she can will the bad decision to happen.

Chelsea Handler

The Daily Show

I have made it a point in the past to remind everyone that the relationships of the alliterate foreign born A list actor only last 18 months.

No longer and no shorter.

He broke up with his most recent girlfriend last month.

How long did they date?

18 months.

Sebastian Stan

Annabelle Wallis

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