12 05, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This former talk show host who had a years long relationship with a foreign born A list mogul all of you know might be in a relationship but is always hooking up with the mogul whenever he comes to town and calls her. / This B+ list mostly movie actress who is in a franchise says that her last three girlfriends all cheated on her and what is even crazier is each one of them cheated on her with the same woman. / The only thing organic that will happen in the pregnancy of the foreign born A- list actress is whatever organic food the surrogate eats.

24 03, 2018

3 blinds in a row

This A- list comedian/sometime actress/sometime host/frequent drinker always forgets to tell people that it was a drunken make out session with the significant other of her best friend that caused a fallout. / I used to think it was just drugs, but it is so much more for this former A+ list tweener. / The only growing apart this celebrity couple did was that one is trying to get sober and one isn't. Calling it anything else is just wrong.

27 10, 2017

She is walking away from certain projects to get help.

This A- list celebrity/stand up/host who is not that great as an actress needs rehab and she knows it. She is walking away from certain projects to get help. Pretty sure the last straw was when she hit on the husband of a co-worker while high. Hey, she hit on her former best friend's husband so it is not new territory she is exploring.

5 08, 2017

She stole half of her recent act

This A list comic actress is taking a lot of flack from comedians because she stole half of her recent act. Yes, she paid the guy for the jokes but strong armed him into taking way less than what the jokes were worth and told him she would make his life miserable if he didn’t sign.

8 07, 2017

She just took it off and did lines topless

I once went to a party where this almost television show talk show host got tired of guys looking down her low cut top every time she bent down to do a line of coke so she just took it off and did lines topless.