The network dancing show is a hot mess right now.

Everyone is clashing with the former dancer turned diva.

If she doesn’t like you, then your work place is going to be toxic.

It is why everyone is quitting and why no one wants to come on the show.

The show is going to be pushed back a month so they are trying to get away with not paying crew on the show even though they have been doing work in preparation for it starting this month.

Dancing With The Stars

Julianne Hough
it barely managed to make it to this month. It starts on 9/26)

This former movie vampire is once again cheating on his long time girlfriend, who will literally do nothing about it.

Robert Pattinson

Suki Waterhouse

This aging permanent A list singer keeps forcing one of her offspring to model.

The offspring hates it but doesn’t want to be cut off financially.

She doesn’t have a rich other parent she can go to.


Lourdes Leon

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