6 Jan, 2022

4 blinds in a row

If the east coast Housewives franchise does come back, it will come back without the Housewife who was new this past season. / I don't know why anyone is all that shocked that Kneepads didn't directly talk to the legend for her final interview. They do that all the time which is why publicists love them. Sometimes the celebrities don't even know they have been "interviewed," because the publicists have done it all. / The last time I saw the nude photo/playing card of the recently deceased legend auctioned, I think it went for about $1500 a few years back. It was an uncut autographed (yes, she signed one) four card set. One is now being offered that isn't autographed for $50,000. / This B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A list singer got quickly up and left this very popular bar/restaurant when she saw a pap walk in to try and catch her with the married man she was meeting.