18 01, 2021

Is she a black widow?

Is she a black widow? No. She isn't going to kill anyone. At least, she hasn't so far. In her most recent marriage to a permanent A+ lister, she ran through most of his money because he was in a position where he couldn't do much about it. When he finally caught on, he divorced her, but she managed to take a lot for herself and signed some things over to herself. He probably will never discover all of the damage she did, simply because it is hard for him to really look through things.

12 01, 2021

He will run out of money prior to the end of the year.

This A list mostly movie actor doesn't realize he is spinning his world of cash away. Whether you support him or not, the fact remains, at his current pace, he will run out of money prior to the end of the year. In addition to that, no studios are willing to hire him so he will have to live completely from residuals.

1 01, 2021

He has no chance to win

The lawyers for this A list mostly movie actor are just taking his money from at this point. He has no chance to win, but they want those fees and he is paying them.

3 11, 2020

Her choice.

This three named A- list actress has her own truth and call her own story as she sees fits. So, if she is still not ready to call out the alliterate former A list rocker specifically by name who likes to use drugs with the A+ list actor, who se.xually assaulted her and abused her, that is her choice.

2 09, 2020

Blinds against the actress

Speaking of the situation in #3, the actor often used information found in blinds against the actress, and now the legal team of the actress is doing the same thing by confirming the use of a bot army by the actor.

1 08, 2020

Is the video real or doctored?

Apparently the A- list mostly movie actress is going to release a video she thinks will make all the difference in the world in her case against the A list actor. The question will be, is the video real or doctored?