Speaking of co-stars, a long long time co-star of the alliterate one didn’t trash the alliterate one.

I mean, they were invited to the wedding, so that was not going to happen.


However, the co-star did say that no one in town wants anything to do with the alliterate one right now and that the brand was oversaturated and the alliterate one should disappear for a year and try and start over.

Patrick Adams
Gabriel Macht


Meghan Markle

When you are drinking more than everyone else at your table and then you end up losing your award and have a few more drinks, someone taps you on your shoulder and says it is a good idea to leave early.

So, the A+ lister did just that.

Taylor Swift

Speaking of sharing, one of the oddest combinations at an after party was this A list mostly television actress/fan fic star and this A list comedian sharing a joint and chatting away.

Gillian Anderson

Jim Gaffigan

It would not have been all that long ago that this A- list actress with at least one movie franchise in her past would have got wasted drunk at the show and maybe even peed herself.

After years of being the brunt of jokes and a castoff, everyone who comes into contact with the actress comes away thinking how great she is.

While you are talking to her, it is as if you are the only person in the world and all her attention is focused on you.

She is very very good.

Natasha Lyonne

After all the bad press and people laughing about the heavy handed pairing, it was not a shocker that the former Disney actress turned singer was a no show on the red carpet with the foreign born actor.

Sabrina Carpenter

Barry Keoghan

This permanent A list actress who lost last night, admonished her television co-star from the most recent season of the show, to stop drinking so fast because she would make a fool of herself on worldwide television.

The actress/singer listened but did get drunk later.

Meryl Streep

Selena Gomez
Only Murders In the Building

Now that he knows he has no chance of winning, the A+ list actor showed himself in public with the barely there celebrity.

Bradley Cooper

Gigi Hadid

This A+/A list director/writer was genuinely happy to lose in the writing category and was gushing over the winners and told everyone he had seen the movie a half dozen times.

Martin Scorsese
Killers of the Flower Moon

Christopher Nolan

At a different pre party than the one mentioned in the previous two blinds, this former A+ list social media star was flat out annoying as she kept trying to make content and become relevant again.

Addison Rae

W Magazine’s Annual Best Performance Party

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