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November 4, 2020

She is compromised

The A- list singer/actress can say what she wants publicly, but she is sick. It is one of the reasons you haven't seen her do the celebrity do whatever you want and go wherever you want thing. She is compromised. She needs to stay safe.
October 26, 2020

He just can’t help himself.

He just can't help himself. The A+ list manager acts like a spoiled brat and loves taking shots at anyone associated with the A+ list singer he hates. This time he took a shot at the A- list singer/sometime actress.
September 28, 2020

Her arch enemy is willing to get married to her boyfriend, if…

Upset with the recent article and photo spread and the resulting attention received for this A- list singer, her arch enemy is willing to get married to her boyfriend if she can get a spread in a monthly magazine. A weekly tabloid won't do it.
September 22, 2020

Trying to pass off her future husband’s past tweets as fake.

I'm not sure why this former tween/teen singer turned A- list adult singer with the addiction issues is trying to pass off her future husband's past tweets as fake. From day one of dating him, I told the world he was a stalker of her arch enemy to the point there was a restraining order issued.
September 18, 2020

Because she knows

I think the celebrity offspring is lashing out against the A- list singer because the offspring knows that her husband hooked up with an actress on his music video  and has never deleted all the nude photos he took of the A- list singer.
September 14, 2020

Despite what the tabloids say, he really hasn’t had much luck.

The foreign born former A+ list tweener has always tried to reach out to his ex. Despite what the tabloids say, he really hasn't had much luck. His wife doesn't know that though and believes what she reads in the tabloids more than what her husband says.
September 8, 2020

Dialysis is already ongoing.

This A- list singer/actress is going to have to find another person to convince to donate an organ. This is not a would be nice to have, but rather a must have. Dialysis is already ongoing.
July 26, 2020

She should be headed to rehab

This A- list singer/actress should be headed to rehab after her latest incident.
June 19, 2020

He he was creepy

This A- list singer/bad actress says she split from an A+ singer she was seeing not because they were doing too much coke and not because his ex was always around but because he was creepy and she always felt he wanted to rape her and not just have se-x with her.
April 24, 2020

2 blinds in a row

In order to keep bringing in fresh money, the people of this A list "singer" use her name for all kinds of projects she has no idea even exist. It also shows they do control her social media accounts and not her. / One thing this isolation has proved is that the singer/actress is abusing the hell out of her kindey with all the drinking she is doing.
April 20, 2020

REVEALED: This seems as if it won’t end well.

The crazy thing, is not that the former tweener turned A-/B+ list singer with the recurring drug and alcohol problem got caught trashing her former friend in the most embarrassing way possible, but that her boyfriend used to stalk the tweener's enemy so much that restraining orders were threatened against him. This seems as if it won't end well.
April 16, 2020

She doesn’t have the right answers.

This former tweener turned A- list singer/meh actress has completely given up talking about her "disease." She doesn't even allow reporters to bring it up any longer because it is in the news and she doesn't have the right answers.
April 14, 2020

She would have failed that exam.

With the one disease getting old and not getting much airtime, the former A list tweener turned A- list singer/meh actress gave another reason why she might seem pilled up and wasted all the time.
April 6, 2020

He wasn’t going to be able to donate a body part

There is no way on this planet that the A list singer who loves the end of the week the best, was going to be able to donate a body part to this celebrity when his is probably just as damaged from the same type of activity.
February 24, 2020

He mentions an ex and everyone assumed it is one of the sibling offspring

This foreign born A list singer who enjoys the end of the week a lot, mentions an ex and everyone assumed it is one of the sibling offspring. Don't forget the A- list singer/sometime actress who brought the freak flag and the good coke.