12 03, 2021

She thinks she is an A+ lister when it comes to acting.

This A- list singer/bad actress thinks people hate her singing so she wants to quit. No, she should stick with singing and not think she is an amazing actress just because she can do voice over work and have a hit. That is what her people tell her every day, but she thinks she is an A+ lister when it comes to acting.

24 12, 2020

They just don’t know which celebrity.

After the scandal that rocked this cult with their leader and his se.xual appetite, you knew reporters were going to be going in on this like crazy. Reporters have now dug up, the leader hooked up with a young make celebrity. They just don't know which celebrity. I know what name they are asking about and it shouldn't come as a shock.

4 12, 2020

You don’t have to do anything, you just need a good publicist.

Lots of questions why this A- list singer/bad actress was included in a best of year magazine issue when she didn't do anything. All of the celebrities involved in these issues are there because of publicists and their relationship with the magazines. You don't have to do anything, you just need a good publicist.

1 12, 2020

He was with the ice cream winning girlfriend

The barely there celebrity offspring of a barely there celebrity tried to clarify her whole relationship timeline. The thing is though, her significant other might have been clear of his long time on again off again ex, but he was with the ice cream winning girlfriend when the offspring and her now significant other got together.

4 11, 2020

She is compromised

The A- list singer/actress can say what she wants publicly, but she is sick. It is one of the reasons you haven't seen her do the celebrity do whatever you want and go wherever you want thing. She is compromised. She needs to stay safe.

26 10, 2020

He just can’t help himself.

He just can't help himself. The A+ list manager acts like a spoiled brat and loves taking shots at anyone associated with the A+ list singer he hates. This time he took a shot at the A- list singer/sometime actress.

22 09, 2020

Trying to pass off her future husband’s past tweets as fake.

I'm not sure why this former tween/teen singer turned A- list adult singer with the addiction issues is trying to pass off her future husband's past tweets as fake. From day one of dating him, I told the world he was a stalker of her arch enemy to the point there was a restraining order issued.

18 09, 2020

Because she knows

I think the celebrity offspring is lashing out against the A- list singer because the offspring knows that her husband hooked up with an actress on his music video  and has never deleted all the nude photos he took of the A- list singer.

8 09, 2020

Dialysis is already ongoing.

This A- list singer/actress is going to have to find another person to convince to donate an organ. This is not a would be nice to have, but rather a must have. Dialysis is already ongoing.