Through an intermediary as to not get in trouble, the ex of this A+/A list singer says they had an open marriage. Interesting.

Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande

Their divorce is official

This CEO is trying to get a bigger exclusive from the A+ list singer.

He wants content that has never been seen by people before.

Disney CEO Bob Iger

Taylor Swift

This former A+ list mostly movie actress is an Oscar winner/nominee.

Even though she is married, she was pressing hard when she ran into a development executive this week.

She needs the inside track like she used to have.

She misses her old career.

Jennifer Lawrence

The booking agent of this one named former A+ list singer had to fight like crazy to get her as high as the fourth line of small print for this annual music festival.

She has fallen a long way.


2024 Lollapalooza Chicago

Also falling a long way, but unlike our singer in the previous blind, no way to crawl back up, is the hard to spell model.

Her “empire” is quickly collapsing which is why she has been desperately trying to find a rich guy she can latch on to.

Emily Ratajkowski

Speaking of athletes, the amount of money this streamer had to spend to get this foreign born athlete into countries to support his film is astonishing.

Maybe next time don’t hire a serial r a pist for your movie.

Conor McGregory

Road House

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