20 03, 2022

3 blinds in a row

This A+/A list singer is finally realizing her husband doesn't care one bit about her other than what she can do for him. / There are at least two channels on satellite radio that are competing for the services of the alliterate talk show host. That would be a great gig because she could be uncensored and do it from home. / According to a hooker who is trying to sell her story, she was with one other woman and this A list comedian when there was an accident.

26 11, 2021

Ponytail girl hates him.

This A list singer was recently asked if she would be willing to work again with this foreign born A list singer who loves the end of the week. She said that will never ever happen again. She hates him.

7 11, 2021

No proof for this blind

I don't think things are going to last long in the marriage of this young A list singer if her new husband is going to keep cheating on her with her fans.

26 04, 2021

Hair transplant

This A+ list singer got some hair plugs/transplant so she wouldn't look so bare on television.