Grammy Awards

This one named permanent A list celebrity was desperately trying to make it clear without actually saying the words out loud, that she got a breast lift and enlargement.


It is going to be really tough for this A- list singer to stay sober if her significant other keeps inhaling vast quantities of drugs like he did last night.

I am shocked she has held out this long.

Demi Lovato

Jordan Lutes

This one named singer who has crashed and burned since her high last year, says she stopped taking the weekly shot because she just misses food too much when she takes the shot.


It doesn’t matter what this permanent A list rapper says to try and get his wife the album award, she won’t win that one, and the A+ list singer won’t ever win the songwriting award because they both have made too many songwriters mad over the years.



Taylor Swift

After Jay-Z took the Grammys stage Sunday night to call out the Recording Academy for never awarding his wife, Beyoncé, with an Album of the Year award, Griffin criticized the move for “taking away” from Swift’s historic evening that saw her become the first person in history to win four Album of the Year honors.

“This is a long-standing thing. I think the country has never gotten over that [Beyoncé] didn’t win Album of the Year for I Am… Sasha Fierce, and this goes back to the Taylor drama, she won for Fearless that year. Objectively, I can say I think Beyoncé should’ve won for I Am… Sasha Fierce,” Griffin said Monday during a Hot Topics about the ceremony, going on to say that she “didn’t love” portions of Jay-Z’s speech. – Source

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