16 11, 2020

Her last husband was cuckolded

This former A+ list singer/bridge burner isn't married, but is in a long long term relationship. Her last husband was cuckolded, so it shouldn't be shocker she hooked up with a record label executive to get signed.

10 10, 2020

Don’t believe the hype series…

Don't believe the hype. The foreign born A list singer who used to be a boy bander is not dating the A list network television actress. / Don't believe the hype. This A- list mostly television actress who hit that peak a couple of times is still in constant contact with not only her on again off again ex, but also one of his family members. / Don't believe the hype. It was not the actress turned candle maker/snake oil salesperson who is Becky, it has always been and will always be our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer.

4 09, 2020

She had all that scrubbed from the internet

I kept waiting this week when this permanent A+ NBA player was in the news again for someone to mention that he had se-x with the one named permanent A+ list singer. She had all that scrubbed from the internet so she can keep that perception out there that she has only ever been with her husband.

15 08, 2020

2 blinds in a row

I'm not sure the A list reality star actually understands who owns the catalog of the former A+ list rapper. The parts that were available to sell are actually being held as collateral or already sold to the permanent A+ list rapper. / This foreign born permanent A list model/producer/host doesn't want to be another love loser so is letting her significant other do what he wants. She just doesn't want him to get caught.

8 07, 2020

He has been cheating on his wife.

In her new single, this foreign born former A+ list rapper confirmed what I already told you. That the permanent A list rapper/wannabe NFL owner has been cheating on his wife.

26 05, 2020

At this point, the streaming charts are all rigged all the time.

The crazy thing about this investigation is that the permanent A list rapper hired a few people overseas to do some illegal purchasing of streams of a rival. That way, if the family member lost the sales battle, they would be ready to be declared the winner once the anonymous tipster said there was illegal purchasing occurring. At this point, the streaming charts are all rigged all the time.