The foreign born former A+ list rapper starts one feud and then picks one with the permanent A list singer who has one of the biggest fanbases in the world and a husband who can make your music life horrible.

Not a great idea.

It is probably the drugs.

Nicki Minaj



Fans speculated that Nicki Minaj may have been dissing Beyoncé during a live session on Stationhead this week.

This speculation raised after Beyoncé announced her foray into country music for her next project, prompting Minaj to adopt a southern accent during the stream.

When The Jasmine Brand posted a clip of the session on Instagram, fans had differing opinions. Some argued that Minaj often changes her voice and it was not necessarily a diss, while others believed she was subtly mocking Beyoncé’s venture into country music.

Azealia Banks also weighed in on the matter, suggesting that Beyoncé might face ridicule for her decision and criticizing what she perceived as a lack of authenticity in Beyoncé’s approach to country music.


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