If you want to solve the problem once and for all, just strip the title and then they will be forced to call it something pedestrian.

Prince Harry

Meghan Markle
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to feature their royal titles and coat of arms on their new website, Sussex.com, ignited a firestorm of criticism and debate. Despite having stepped back from their roles as senior royals four years ago, the couple’s move was perceived by many as a blatant attempt to maintain a connection to their royal heritage while pursuing personal endeavors.

The revamped website, which redirects visitors from their former sites, Sussexroyal.com and Archewell.com, prominently displays the title “The Office of Prince Harry & Meghan The Duke and Duchess of Sussex” beneath the United Kingdom’s coat of arms. This move drew ire from critics who accused the couple of exploiting their titles for financial gain and clinging onto their past status despite their decision to relocate to Montecito, California, in 2020.

On social media platforms, detractors voiced their disapproval, condemning Harry and Meghan for what they perceived as a disregard for their former responsibilities and a sense of entitlement. Some criticized the couple for “parasitizing” off their royal titles and suggested that they should be stripped of their titles altogether. Others mocked the couple’s choice to use the Sussex title despite their distancing from the royal family and their criticisms of royal traditions.

However, amidst the criticism, there were also voices of support for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Defenders argued that Harry and Meghan have the right to use their titles as they were bestowed upon them by the Queen, and emphasized that their decision to step back from royal duties was due to the intense media scrutiny and not a rejection of their titles or heritage.

The controversy surrounding the couple’s website comes at a time when speculation is rife about their future plans, with many interpreting the website’s relaunch as a signal of their intention to re-enter the entertainment industry, particularly Hollywood. Markle’s recent affiliation with a major talent agency and the couple’s previous ventures into media production further fueled speculation about their next career moves.

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