19 04, 2021

She should try and do something else besides singing.

This blackballed singer would like to have her feud ended with the one named permanent A list singer, but the singer has a very long memory and the blackballed singer isn't going to get any work for a long time. She should try and do something else besides singing.

9 03, 2021

So, what happened?

After not moving much, if any of her line with this shoe company, all of a sudden it all sold out in every country that sells it. So, what happened? Well, the one named permanent A+ list singer was upset the former A+ rapper did sell out all his stuff, so told the shoe company to list hers as all sold out.

6 03, 2021


The massive selling of assets by the permanent A list rapper/mogul is in preparation for a divorce.

22 02, 2021

Recovery: She was warned off by the wife several times.

This singer actress started her career when she was barely a teen. She has seen it all and all of you know her. This blind is not about those early years, although they are definitely blind worthy. This is about her very long term relationship with a permanent A+ lister every single one of you knows. Throughout much of their relationship, the A+ lister has been married. Our singer/actress has been involved in other relationships too, but has pretty much always stayed available for the A+ lister in case he ever wanted to be with her or left his wife.

12 01, 2021

It isn’t like she is trying to hide it.

The B/B- list singer who will never ever ever match her A+ list sibling in fame has turned her attention from drugs and drinking to hooking up with men and practicing rituals on them to see if her occult game is up to par. It isn't like she is trying to hide it. She has no shortage of takers. Have they not seen Weekend At Bernie's 2?

10 12, 2020

Her people turned it down without coming to her with it.

With this former reality star turned B+ list actress/singer a lock to get another Oscar nomination/win this year, the permanent A+ list singer who has been a co-star of the actress/singer yelled at her people about why she didn't get the offer to play the role. Well, she did, but her people turned it down without coming to her with it.

21 11, 2020

It is a really bad look for her and her brand.

I am almost positive this permanent A+ list singer solo and in a group didn't know that her clothing line publicity team was sending free swag to a racist pedophile influencer who has argued in favor of se.x with children of any age. It is a really bad look for her and her brand.

9 10, 2020

The Darkness

I think all too often when people discuss the darkness in Hollywood or the elite, the people being spoken about tend to be older, which is true. At one point they were young too though. Looking at some people emerging though to take their place, a couple of have stood out and they are both female singers.