10 11, 2021

Don’t do drugs kids.

Proving yet again that this A- list singer will promote anything for a paycheck, they are promoting a website that is the direct antithesis of the activism they were promoting just a few months ago. Don't do drugs kids.

23 05, 2021

It is also a cereal.

I knew the A- list singer was back using hard drugs, but didn't know until the last couple of days, what was her drug of choice. It is also a cereal.

14 04, 2021

The attention won’t help

They can identify themselves however they like. The truth is they have a new single/record coming out and they are trying to take a page from the former tweener turned adult singer and get some attention. The attention won't help because they aren't going to sell any records and they will be back to meeting men who tip them on their OnlyFans.

11 04, 2021

Constant thirst

It is because of things like turning the tragic overdose of the former A list rapper/A- list actor your story instead of his and this constant thirst, that people really don't like you all that much. So, it should not come as a surprise to the former tweener turned A- list adult singer that your record sales suck and even the A+ lister you nabbed for a single couldn't help you.

11 04, 2021

3 blinds in a row

This A+ list celebrity to anyone under the age of 10 says that this one name singer used to always hit on the celebrity when the celebrity was in her tween/early teen years. / This A+/A list singer/soon to be judge is cheating on her significant other so I am really iffy on the whole wedding thing she is planning. She isn't even sober or close to it, but this A- list singer is signing a long term deal with a rehab facility that will pay her for endorsements and her personal referrals.