This former tween actress turned A- list adult singer is desperate to have good sales of her upcoming record.

She is pulling every last clickbait idea she can think of.

I am literally shocked she has not found people to make out with in front of the cameras.

Well, we still do have two weeks remaining, so there is time.

Demi Lovato

Holy Fvck

Demi Lovato Teases ‘Religious Undertones’ of ‘Holy Fvck’ Album Title

Demi Lovato called into the SiriusXM studios on Monday (July 18) to tease their forthcoming album Holy Fvck.

“The title track of the album is called ‘Holy Fvck’ and the song was basically, I wanted to flip the phrase ‘holy f–k’ on its head. And instead of just saying ‘holy f–k,’ I wanted to write a song that says, ‘I’m a holy f–k,’” the pop star explained. “It’s definitely a sexually charged song, but it’s really fun.”

“I felt like it was a great, eye-catching title track for the rest of the album,” she continued, “and especially because there’s songs on the album that have, like, kind of religious undertones, there’s songs on the album that have this dichotomy of good and bad, and that song kind of represented both.” – Source

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