This one named singer who doesn’t really seem to sing any longer used to be A/A- list.

Now she mainly shops and snorts heroin.

She has passed out in multiple store dressing rooms over the past month.

Her celebrity husband must know, but he hasn’t, as far as I know tried to get her into rehab.


Russell Wilson

This married former A++ list politician that everyone on earth knows is having an affair with a staffer of his who used to be a production assistant on a morning news show.

The woman, does not actually appear to do any work, but is listed as a staffer.

Bill Clinton

It didn’t take long for this former A list mostly television actress from an iconic role to hook up with this ex of a former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee.

The ex provides a certain discreet service to actresses who want the sex without the boyfriend.

Jennifer Aniston

Gabrielle Aubrey

former A+ list mostly movie actress: Halle Berry


This former teen icon is reportedly carrying a baby and that has her family worried BIG TIME.

They aren’t sure about her relationship partner and don’t know if she’s still in the right place emotionally and mentally, especially after a damaging incident a few years ago.

Amanda Bynes

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