The singing princess actress reads the blinds which is why she dumped the initialed rapper who has been using her the entire time they were together.

Wait until he starts asking her for child support.

Halle Bailey


DDG talked about a time when he sent a message to Rubi Rose while he was arguing with Halle Bailey.

He mentioned this incident in his song “Hard On Myself.”

He explained that he sent the message to Rose to get Bailey’s attention during their argument.

DDG said he didn’t actually plan to meet up with Rose and that Bailey saw the message he sent.

He compared it to the kind of impulsive thing you might do in a relationship when you’re upset.

DDG also talked about how Bailey and Rose have different public images.

He said Rose has an OnlyFans account, but Bailey’s brand is different and probably wouldn’t fit with that kind of thing.

However, he said he would support Bailey if she wanted to try something like that, pointing out how successful people like Bhad Bhabie have been on platforms like OnlyFans.

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