It is just a five minute video.

You have to search for it, but it isn’t hidden away or private. It is right there on YouTube.

You have to know what to look for and when you solve this you can go look at the video yourself of the 16 year old band follower who ended up dead.

The video is all about her parents trying to get her to come home and be a normal teenager.

They don’t like that she is living with a band, and specifically the lead guitarist who used to be the fastest guitar player in the world.

He was part of an A list group that had eight straight top 100 albums if we include one of the live ones.

The band still tours today with multiple original members.

The guitarist is dead.

The girl is dead too.

She was killed because another girl wanted the guitarist and beat the girl until she was nearly dead.

The girl then got hooked on drugs while trying to stay close to the guitarist for another shot and then ended up with another band’s crew as their permanent girlfriend/drug mule.

She overdosed and died.

Band: Ten Years After

Lead guitarist: Alvin Lee

Colour footage with sound from the late 1960s to early 1970s showing a teenage “groupie” that doesn’t want to go home after hanging out with a rock group called Ten Years After.

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