This A- list actress is not stepping down from her job to do acting full time.

She was already close to that anyway.

It is because the company is trying to be sold and she is getting in the way.

Jessica Alba

The Honest Company

Jessica Alba, founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Honest Company, is stepping down from her role to pursue new creative endeavors.

Despite her departure, she will remain on the company’s board of directors.

Alba expressed pride in the company’s impact and expressed confidence in its leadership team to continue its mission.

The company’s CEO praised Alba’s visionary leadership and confirmed her continued involvement as an advisor.

Alba looks forward to contributing to the company’s success in her new capacity while focusing on her new projects and passions.

The Honest Company, despite its mission of providing safe and eco-friendly products, has faced several controversies over the years:

Ingredient Controversies
The company has faced scrutiny over the ingredients used in its products. Some consumers have raised concerns about the presence of certain chemicals and allergens in The Honest Company’s products, despite the company’s claims of being all-natural and non-toxic.

The Honest Company has been involved in multiple lawsuits. In 2015, the company faced a lawsuit alleging that its sunscreen was ineffective and provided inadequate sun protection. Additionally, in 2016, The Honest Company was sued over claims of misleading labeling regarding the ingredients in its laundry detergent and dish soap.

Product Recalls
The company has also issued product recalls due to quality and safety concerns. In 2017, The Honest Company recalled baby wipes due to the potential presence of mold. This raised questions about the company’s quality control processes.

Packaging Controversy
The Honest Company faced criticism for its use of non-recyclable packaging for some products, despite its eco-friendly branding. This led to accusations of greenwashing, where a company presents itself as environmentally friendly while engaging in practices that are harmful to the environment.

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