The 1/435th who will probably be on Only Fans this time next year really should stop hanging out with the expelled former 1/435th.

He records her constantly and gets her to say things about others he is going to use in a book he is writing.

She is being used and doesn’t even realize it.

Lauren Boebert

George Santos

Former Rep. Ken Buck criticized Rep. Lauren Boebert, comparing her unfavorably to expelled former Rep. George Santos. He suggested that Boebert’s actions might make Santos seem better by comparison. Boebert dismissed Buck’s remarks, calling him irrelevant and an embarrassment to Colorado. Buck’s comments were made at a Rotary Club meeting in Colorado, where he discussed various controversies surrounding Boebert, including her decision to run in his former district. Boebert had announced her intention to run in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District after Buck’s early retirement, but she later decided not to participate in the special election to replace him.

Five key points summarizing the recent controversies surrounding Representative Lauren Boebert:

District Switch and Carpetbagging Accusations

Boebert’s decision to switch from Colorado’s 3rd congressional district to the more conservative 4th district has stirred controversy and accusations of carpetbagging. Critics argue that this move was strategic to enhance her re-election prospects, following a narrow victory in her previous election​.

Behavioral Incidents

Boebert has been involved in several public behavioral controversies, including an incident at a Denver theater where she disrupted a “Beetlejuice” musical performance. This incident, where she was reported to have vaped, sang loudly, and engaged in disruptive behavior, was widely publicized and led to her issuing a public apology​​.

Confrontational Political Style

Known for her combative and unorthodox approach, Boebert has engaged in numerous clashes with other lawmakers and officials. Her style has polarized both constituents and political colleagues, leading to both criticism and support depending on the political spectrum​​.

Questionable Behavior at Events

At a Republican gala in Manhattan, Boebert’s behavior raised eyebrows again when she was reportedly told by a server that she had been overserved alcohol, and she persistently tried to take selfies with former President Donald Trump, which led to an intervention by Trump’s security​​.

Endorsement Despite Controversies

Despite these controversies, Donald Trump has given Boebert his “full and total endorsement,” which remains a significant boost for her campaign. This endorsement comes even as she faces significant scrutiny and criticism for her actions and political maneuvers​​.

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