27 10, 2021

I guess times change.

This A- list dual threat actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and has been in multiple franchises and even does commercials. She always said she would get no work done to her face or body. I guess times change.

27 09, 2021

She says she has hypnosis therapy twice a week

This A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee took a couple of years off from acting because she really hates doing press and doesn't like crowds. She is back with a new movie, and says she has hypnosis therapy twice a week.

13 03, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This UFC star has a girlfriend who is twice his age. Apparently they are on the outs. / This former A list Disney actress turned B+ list out of Disney actress is beloved in the Disney universe. This week she was doing lines of coke off another woman's bare stomach at an after party.

16 11, 2018

One from every sport in that city.

If you think it is just a comment and that this permanent A list mostly movie actress has not hooked up in the past with this A+ list athlete, then you are very wrong. One from every sport in that city. I will let you guess who the third is, and it would kind of blow your mind. Not that long ago.