29 04, 2021

One of his revelations is that he really got into running by dubious circumstances.

This former wannabe A++ lister has been writing his memoirs for a few years. All of you know who he is. He has written other books, but this one really dives deep into a decade period of his life. One of his revelations is that he really got into running by dubious circumstances. Those circumstances were that his boss would use running as a cover for more nefarious activities. When he would go out on a solo run, he would often pair that with se.x. So, to keep everyone on their toes, he would often invite the wannabe A++ lister and others on the days when he wasn't meeting with someone.

3 03, 2021

Protecting his former boss from exposure.

This A list news anchor/host is using his position to protect his former boss from exposure. The anchor has pressured other network hosts and news division heads to make sure to never report on his former employer's se.xual misdeeds.

19 11, 2020

Open marriage

So, it looks like the narrative going forward is this former A++ lister has an open marriage so all of those women he has been with while in political office and after, are all just fine.

6 09, 2020

The switch

The attorney who is in charge of keeping the dead man's switch for the procurer thinks unredacted deposition transcripts will hasten her death. Meanwhile, one of the names in it has been harassing lawyers he thinks might be in control of the switch.

28 08, 2020

Interview lasted five hours.

This former A++ list politician is being offered up by one of the victims/co-conspirators. An interview with the victim/co-conspirator lasted five hours.

1 06, 2020

The A++ lister definitely hooked up with her.

The madam/procurer already had the A++ lister blackmailed, so she didn't really need to sleep with him. Now, ask about the one who keeps changing her name, and there you will get a much different answer. The A++ lister definitely hooked up with her.

13 03, 2020

Pretty crappy

Pretty crappy of the A++ lister to throw out a version of events and not let the woman he threw under the bus for a lifetime not even get a chance to speak or challenge the crap narrative that the A++ lister has decoded is his truth.