2 blinds in a row

Probably a deal was struck. The actor wouldn't tell the world his wife is really American and she wouldn't tell the world he is really five years older than he pretends to be. / One of the people this dual threat permanent A list actress has cut off from her life because of his beliefs over the past few months is her dog loving ex.

She blamed the split on the A+ list singer

One hiccup in the former television actress with the iconic role helping out the A+ list singer. There was a period of time shortly after the actress split with the sleeps with anyone A list singer, that she blamed the split on the A+ list singer who was next in line to date the sleeps with anyone A list singer. Granted, the bathroom visit was a year or so later, so they could have kissed and made up. Just something to keep in mind.

Don’t believe the hype.

Don't believe the hype. These former co-stars from an iconic show are not together. He uses his fame to find new women to hook up with each week.

She is dating a married guy

This permanent A list actress was iconic in a television role and has hits and misses in movies. Everyone knows who she is. She is being super secret about her love life because she is dating a married guy which would cause tabloid headlines around the world.