It’s pretty ignorant of this permanent A- list actress who starred on an iconic television show to not know the product she gets paid to promote had been recalled because of pieces of plastic in it.

There was the actress though, days after the recall, happily promoting it.

Jennifer Aniston

Vital Proteins

Supplement promoted by Jennifer Aniston recalled due to potential contamination with plastic shards

Tens of thousands of canisters of Collagen Peptides powder from the brand Vital Proteins, for which Jennifer Aniston is a spokesperson, have been recalled out of fear that shards of a broken plastic lid contaminated the product.

The 24-ounce supplement canisters were distributed to Costco stores in 20 states and Puerto Rico, according to a voluntary recall notice from Vital Proteins posted on the Food and Drug Administration website.

The stated reason: “potential foreign material contamination (pieces of one blue broken lid may be in one or more canisters).”

More than 59,700 canisters were affected, the notice said. They were sold at Costco stores from April 17 to 24, Costco said in a letter it sent customers on April 28. The letter urged customers who had purchased the supplements not to consume them and to return them to Costco for full refunds. – Source

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