Bringing the mom was to get the A+/A list actor publicity for the voting that kicks off this week.

To the big show, he will probably take the ex.

Bradley Cooper

This former A+ list mostly movie actress is trying for a comeback.

The still very young, former Oscar winner/nominee took a huge step with that as she networked with everyone and was kind to everyone and you can tell she really wants another chance at decent roles.

Jennifer Lawrence

This foreign born A- list actor was solo at the parties last night and was having the time of his life with as many women as possible while his higher on the list significant other was nowhere to be seen.

Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry

At a pre-party Saturday night, this permanent A list actress who seemingly executive produces a dozen shows got drunk in public for the first time in forever.

She did have to convince a photographer to delete a photo of her holding champagne.

She hates those kinds of pictures.

Reese Witherspoon

Up close and personal it was scary to see what this permanent A/A- list actress from at least one movie franchise and an iconic television show, has done to her face.

Back in the day she was so subtle about her procedures.

They were perfection.

Now, she won’t be able to fix what she has done.

Jennifer Aniston

Source: NYPost. Read more about Jennifer Aniston’s change here

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