The ginger haired one has a realtor looking for a place for him in Africa.

Just him.

Prince Harry

This A list actor/director has been ditching the paps his significant other keeps setting up for him.

Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez

This A list NBA player is going to have to get a permanent restraining order against the p0rn star.

I think Misery is her favorite book.

Zion Williamson

Moriah Mills

Moriah Mills’ relentless Twitter campaign against Zion Williamson seems to have come to a pause after her account was suspended. The OnlyFans model and former adult film star expressed her dissatisfaction when Williamson and his girlfriend threw a gender reveal party, which seemingly led to her suspension from Twitter due to a rule violation. In a controversial tweet, she threatened to leak a sex tape involving Williamson, causing further turmoil.

In addition to this, Mills made serious accusations against Williamson in a TikTok video, alleging that he had mistreated her throughout their relationship. She claimed he owed her a significant amount of money, which she had yet to receive.

“NBA I have sex tapes of me and @Zionwilliamson and he also has them on his trap phone,” Mills tweeted.

“Trade him now he doesn’t deserve to be in New Orleans !!! Sex tapes dropping soon.”

“He’s literally a liar, you guys,” Mills said. “Everything he says, he’s a liar, he’s not who he says he is. I’ve literally been saving face, I did not want to come to the world and let you guys know what he has been doing to me my entire relationship with him. He is a woman beater and the NBA needs to know this.”

Mills also claimed that Williamson, who is entering his fourth NBA season, is yet to pay her $62,000.

“I have yet to receive that since June,” Mills said. “I’m still here.”

The controversy between Mills and Williamson erupted when the NBA forward announced he was having a child with social media influencer Ahkeema, whom Mills said he had met in February, after a three-year relationship with her.

As of now, her Twitter account remains suspended, temporarily putting an end to her public campaign against Zion Williamson.

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