not so new blind from April 2022:

The celebrity CEO’s fanboys are working overtime to spread malicious gossip about the famous investor who shorted the CEO’s company and made it very big a decade ago and even had an A+ lister portray him on film.

I have received multiple “tips” that the investor has all manner of s..e.x.u.a.l.l..y transmitted diseases and is abusive to women and so much more.

Elon Musk

Michael Burry

A+ lister portrayed him: Christian Bale

Film: The Big Short

‘Big Short’ investor Michael Burry trumpets what Warren Buffett and Elon Musk have called him — and jokingly seeks another nickname from Jeff Bezos – April 2022

Michael Burry reflected on labels given to him by Warren Buffett and Elon Musk.

“The Big Short” investor said he was proud to be called a “Cassandra” by Buffett.

Burry jokingly tried to attract another nickname from Jeff Bezos by calling for a boycott of Amazon.

“The Big Short” investor Michael Burry highlighted the labels given to him by Warren Buffett and Elon Musk, and jokingly tried to goad Jeff Bezos into calling him something too, in a now-deleted tweet on Sunday.

“When I hear ‘Cassandra,’ I hear Buffett,” Burry wrote, referring to the Trojan priestess from Greek mythology who was cursed by the gods to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed. The Scion Asset Management boss, who has taken down his Twitter account again, uses “Cassandra” as his display name on the social-media platform.

“When I hear ‘Bastard,’ I hear Crüe gang vocals,” Burry continued, after Musk labeled him that in jest for shorting Tesla stock. “Now gotta find a way to bug Bezos. #BoycottAmazon.” – Source

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