17 04, 2021

Why the rich gets to do this

Dear SEC (not the football conference, but if they could help, then sure), I guarantee that if I owned a company and then constantly pumped it online and told people it was going to make massive returns for them even though I knew it was a fake, crap company, I would be breaking the law. If, after people did buy shares of it, I sold all of it at record highs while leaving everyone else broke, I would be going to jail.

10 04, 2021

She kept her rant to items which were not included in the settlement agreement

Speaking of flowering, the flowering financial institution went on a truth rant this week. The way she was targeting the celebrity CEO lets us know the stock and other financial considerations she received for silence on certain matters of which she is aware, must have been fully realized by her. You will also notice that she kept her rant to items which were not included in the settlement agreement.

28 03, 2021

Three whole miles. This would make them fourth or fifth in battery range.

The celebrity CEO asked what was the longest battery range of any upcoming models of competitors. He was given the answer and then said their new product would beat that one. By how much he was asked? Three whole miles. Great, it would still be the longest. The thing is though, the tests don't even have it running longer than the current model whose range has also been embellished.

19 03, 2021

Don’t take drugs and then let it slip to people at a party

That technology CEO really should take heed of the things he has previously signed. Don't take drugs and then let it slip to people at a party that the top secret military flight that took place this past weekend was a plane that breaks the sound barrier, but does so without anyone hearing it.

7 03, 2021

What could go wrong.

Our celebrity CEO has a new muse. For the right price she will muse whenever he likes. The B+ list actress who got her start in Disney and also directs po.rn is a good fit for him. Plus, she likes to party. What could go wrong.

2 03, 2021

The dealer said no.

It was quite the bender for the celebrity CEO this weekend. It got to a point in the middle of the night on Saturday, that he apparently had no cash on him and tried to offer his dealer crypto, but only his crap one. The dealer said no. When the dealer got there, it was one of the women there that paid him.

24 02, 2021

In other news, he got another woman pregnant.

The pump and dump celebrity CEO is just pumping his favorite crypto right now. At a party this weekend he said that if he could get the coin to bitcoin levels, he would be the first trillionaire. He said he wants that on his gravestone. Oh, in other news, he got another woman pregnant.

17 02, 2021

Would you buy a car from Best Buy?

This national big box electronic chain is about to go under. The celebrity CEO has told friends he would love to buy the chain and also use them as places to sell cars. He thinks it is a natural fit.

29 01, 2021

I smell a class action and a hefty fine.

Mercedes had to pay a total civil penalty of $20M for their recall infractions last year. But, unlike the company owned by the celebrity CEO, they didn't try and charge customers for replacing the defective part. I smell a class action and a hefty fine.