This singer actress started her career when she was barely a teen.

She has seen it all and all of you know her.

This blind is not about those early years, although they are definitely blind worthy.

This is about her very long term relationship with a permanent A+ lister every single one of you knows.

Throughout much of their relationship, the A+ lister has been married.

Our singer/actress has been involved in other relationships too, but has pretty much always stayed available for the A+ lister in case he ever wanted to be with her or left his wife. She wanted to be ready to jump.

She was obsessed with him and spent a lot of her time looking into his marriage and seeing if there were levers to pry, to make it split.

She was warned off by the wife several times.

Our singer/actress wasn’t going anywhere.

This affair spanned a little over a decade.

There came a time where our singer/actress was actively trying to destroy the marriage of the A+ lister and it got to be too much for everyone.

Our singer/actress started using drugs.

The A+ lister broke it off with her and our singer/actress tried to kill herself and nearly succeeded.

Over the past few years, she has struggled with sobriety and working and it has been hit and miss.

She gave a long long time to the A+ lister and she is messed up because of it.

Brandy Norwood



Brandy addresses Beyonce feud rumours: ‘To not love and respect greatness would be a disgrace’

Brandy Norwood wants the world − and most importantly the Beyhive − to know that there’s no bad blood between her and Beyonce. The singer and actress felt compelled to set the record straight after her former songwriter Tiyon Christian posted a tweet suggesting that she was embroiled in a feud with Jay Z’s wife.

The drama kicked off after TC posted a series of tweets calling out Norwood, 36, for being a bad friend, claiming she was “spiteful” and also outing her as a Beyonce hater. He added that he was tired of her playing victim. “You want respect you give respect! But because you’re a ‘vocal Bible’ it’s ok to treat people like s**t”, he wrote in one message shared with his 29.6K followers.

Another post said: “And let’s not get on the fact that someone was mad because I took a picture with Beyonce… but let me shut up”

Although Christian later deleted the accusing posts, Norwood soon became Beyhive enemy number one, something she took issue with.

Sharing a snap of the Brandy and Beyonce barbies posing side by side, she said that she refused to allow anyone to defame her character. She went on to say that pitting both women against each other was pointless because “to not love and respect Greatness would be a disgrace to my own gifts”. – Source

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