23 02, 2021

His exit fee

In the past few weeks, I told you about the one named singer/actress who paid her way out of Scientology. She got off for a relatively minor amount because she had not been in for very long. The former A+ list mostly movie actor is having to fork over about ten times that amount for his exit fee. It is something he had been unable to do until a life event finally allowed him to do so.

22 02, 2021

Recovery: She was warned off by the wife several times.

This singer actress started her career when she was barely a teen. She has seen it all and all of you know her. This blind is not about those early years, although they are definitely blind worthy. This is about her very long term relationship with a permanent A+ lister every single one of you knows. Throughout much of their relationship, the A+ lister has been married. Our singer/actress has been involved in other relationships too, but has pretty much always stayed available for the A+ lister in case he ever wanted to be with her or left his wife.

12 02, 2021

500K exit fee.

This one named former A list singer/sometime actress recently confirmed she was only allowed to leave this celebrity cult by paying them a $500K exit fee.

17 01, 2019

He would dump his wife in a second for the rapper.

This married former po-rn star who is the sibling of a former A list singer/actress is talking a good game when it comes to the marriage of these two rappers but has been texting the female rapper to see if she would like to go out for dinner. He would dump his wife in a second for the rapper.

1 02, 2018

She could use some professional help.

This former A+ list singer/television actress/reality star/stage star who is now just a one named celebrity hoping someone makes a Whitney biopic is so heavily medicated that at times it seems she can barely function. Half of the meds seem to be her own doing. She could use some professional help.

27 02, 2017

She really doesn’t care about fans or press.

This one named singer from an entertainment family who has also done acting and reality is back on drugs and showing up late or not at all for everything. She really doesn’t care about fans or press. She only cares about herself.