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This back in the day singer was briefly A list.

She managed to throw all that away in some pretty crazy ways.

In her comeback, she had a chance to have her family join in and told them no, that it was all about her.

Brandy Norwood

Why Brandy Norwood Will Never ‘Get Over’ the Tragic Car Accident That Killed a Mother of Two

In Dec. 2006, Brandy Norwood went from R&B pop sensation and star of Moesha to a vehicular manslaughter suspect in an instant. Years later, Brandy’s fatal car accident on the Los Angeles 405 Freeway still haunts her. A 38-year-old mother of two died from injuries the following day. Here’s why Brandy will never “get over” or “understand” the events that happened that day.

As Brandy Norwood drove home on the L.A. 405 Freeway, she became involved in a car accident that would change her life forever. The singer, who was on her way home at the time, escaped with minor injuries.

Awatef Aboudihaj died from blunt-force injuries sustained in the crash. Aboudiha’s two sons, ages 10 and 14 at the time, also sustained injuries. They alleged Brandy drove a Land Rover “recklessly” before it struck Aboudihaj’s Honda. The Honda slid into the center divider where another car struck Aboudihaj.

In Jan. 2007, Aboudihaj’s parents, Aboudihaj Mohamed and Labridi Zohra, filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against Brandy in Los Angeles Superior Court. A second suit followed, filed on behalf of Aboudihaj’s two sons, in Feb. 2007.

“The accident was a terrible tragedy, and Brandy’s heart goes out to Awatef Aboudihaj’s family. But for legal reasons we cannot comment on this lawsuit,” the singer’s spokesman Allan Mayer said in a statement earlier.

Attorney, Paul N. Philips said the children’s injuries may have lasting damage and would be determined at trial, according to the suit. California Highway Patrol investigator spokesperson, Jonathan Diamond, recommended misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges.

“After conducting a thorough investigation, which included consulting with some of the top accident reconstruction experts in the country, city prosecutors concluded that there was insufficient evidence from which a jury could find Ms. Norwood guilty of such a charge beyond a reasonable doubt,” Los Angeles City Attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan said.

If convicted, Brandy, who was 28 at the time, would’ve faced up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. – Source

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