It is going to be all about AI for the new owners of the long running sports website.

No actual reporters.


G/O Media, previously known as Gizmodo Media Group, has sold the sports blog Deadspin to Lineup Publishing, a European company.

CEO Jim Spanfeller revealed this move in a memo to staff, stating that none of Deadspin’s current employees will be retained.

Instead, Lineup Publishing plans to assemble a new team to align with its editorial vision.

This sale marks the third round of layoffs at G/O Media in under a year, as the company faces pressure from investors.

Despite plans to maintain Deadspin’s unique voice, Lineup Publishing intends to approach sports coverage differently.

This sale follows G/O Media’s previous divestments, including Jezebel and Lifehacker.

Deadspin was founded in 2005 and was part of Univision’s acquisition of Gawker Media in 2016.

The tension between Deadspin staff and G/O Media led to the majority of staffers leaving to form Defector in 2020.

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While CEO Spanfeller previously indicated no plans to sell the entire company, he acknowledges discussions about potential acquisitions or sales.

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