I mentioned before that the loud and controversial radio host had a mutiny on his hands.

Don’t believe his talk that some powerful outside forces are shutting him down.

It’s internal.

His employees are fed up with being paid peanuts while he spends money he claims he doesn’t have on endless vacations.

He has millions in phantom money coming directly to him in the form of insider payments through another company he owns.

They are ready to lock him out of the building any day now.

Alex Jones


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Alex Jones at Odds with Donald Trump

In the midst of political turmoil, Alex Jones voices his disagreement with Donald Trump’s recent claims regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Trump, gearing up for another presidential bid, strongly opposes statements made by President Joe Biden in his State of the Union address. Biden’s assertion that the pandemic no longer dominates our lives and that vaccines are being repurposed to combat cancer draws ire from Trump, who takes credit for the vaccine’s rapid development and distribution.

However, Jones, a vocal Trump supporter and host of Infowars, questions the safety of the COVID vaccine and the government’s role in its administration.

Jones threatened to take a political “warpath” if Trump continues along this path, emphasizing his inability to reconcile his support for Trump with his concerns about the vaccine’s safety.

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