This once A-list celebrity lost their mind a while back and as a result, fired their A+ publicity team, thinking they knew better than they did how to run their career.

Obviously, it was a terrible move because this celebrity has been nothing but a PR nightmare of epic proportions ever since.

One of the issues besides a horrible substance abuse problem, is a toxic relationship.

Their spouse is probably the worst person ever, that enjoys mind fucking the celebrity on a daily basis, and spending all of their money.

Recently, they decided to see how far they could push the celebrity over the edge by telling them they wanted out of the relationship. They brag about talking to divorce lawyers daily, and how much fun they’re going to have when they’re single again.

But then makes the celebrity think they love them and everything is ok when people are watching. It has caused the celeb to sink even deeper into their issues.

It’s gotten so bad, now people are stepping in. After a huge public outburst that took every favor all of the people in their life had to cash in to keep people from running to the press, it was time to get real about things.

The first order of business was to do anything to get re-signed with the A+ agency for image rehab and overhaul.

The celebrity HAS to ink a lucrative deal soon. The agency was willing to take the celebrity back… provided they go to a real rehab facility and get real rehab.

It would also give them an excuse to wipe the slate of failed projects on the horizon clean, and get them signed to a lucrative deal.

The celebrity agreed and signed on the dotted line. Well, the spouse realized that with the new team, there goes their control.

So they made another power play that if the celeb goes to rehab, they will file for divorce immediately.

The celebrity immediately backed out of the rehab deal. Their team is now scrambling to keep the spouse around until the rehab stay is completed.

If they do not get the celeb to play ball with the new firm, their career is over. For good this time.

The spouse will stick it out during rehab…for a price. A HUGE price. The new team said, “Hell, no.” And are ready to leak incredible amounts of dirt on the spouse to the press to force their hand.

Lots of things are up in the air right now…their main goal is to get the celeb as far away from the spouse as possible.

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian


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