27 05, 2018

For now he’s cheating with just an assistant of the show

Yes, he is cheating on his B list (A list in her mind) singer/wife. No, it's not the gorgeous costar he gets papped laughing with while they film. He wishes. His costar will have no part of his obvious hints that he's open to cheating. She just laughs along and then keeps him at arms length.

5 06, 2017

He has already hooked up twice with women from the set

It has been a long time since this B list mostly television actor who is more famous for who he is married to than because of his acting has been away from his wife for an extended period. He has just been away filming for a short time on this hit show, but has already hooked up twice with women from the set.

9 07, 2014

She doesn’t want to have it be public knowledge her husband cheated

This A list singer generally turns a blind eye to the infidelities of her celebrity husband but now he has got someone pregnant and our A lister is having to scramble to make sure everything is kept quiet. She is footing the bill for the other woman's medical bills and future child support and other cash, but wants to keep everything quiet because she doesn't want to have it be public knowledge her husband cheated.

28 06, 2014

I guess we now know where the child heard it from

This celebrity couple's nanny hates this couple with the force of a thousand suns. The C list with unfortunately A list name recognition couple, are always all smiles when they parade the kids around and look very hands on. But behind closed doors? Dad takes off and leaves the kids with the nanny while his wife drinks herself into a stupor. The kids are good kids, but given their home situation, they can get out of control. A situation came up where one child was playing too rough with the other child and the nanny was having a hard time getting things under control and felt like the parents needed to be aware of the situation.

2 06, 2014

It’s not that her husband is avoiding sex

This singer has been dropping hints that she and her celebrity husband are pregnant. She is not. It’s all just for attention. You see, they are actively developing "story lines" to make themselves more interesting and marketable as a couple. The pregnancy story line is one of them. In fact, they believe that this particular story line will be so popular that you can expect to see this same particular publicity tease over and over again for at least the next year! She really does want to be pregnant. We just don’t know how that’s going to happen. It’s not that her husband is avoiding sex. He has been having sex… although not necessarily with her.|

9 05, 2014

Thank you so much for everything. Best Wishes.

This is one for the ages... These two C-listers have been at war for years. One has a household name and a fading star, the other has newer somewhat inconsistent fame, but manages to keep working. A while back, the newer celeb had a bid of a skid-out in the public, and the other C-lister pounced on this with everything she had, hoping to raise her star again through the rival's misfortune. It sort of worked for half a minute because she landed a tentative network gig, but since then everything personally and professionally has been coming undone again.

6 05, 2014

She needs the money and the credit is tapped out

This C-List celebrity with A-list tabloid recognition, wants the world to think she's in very high demand, but the fact is, she's just hyping the scraps coming her way. Sure, her pilot was picked up, but she's getting paid peanuts, and it comes with a rigorous filming schedule. Something she's never had to do, and a work ethic isn't exactly her thing. Her rider has been rejected four times, and if she doesn't quit making diva demands, she will be replaced by this much more likeable C-list country singer.