This actress saw doors wide open for her when she first started acting. Everyone loved her. She was getting bigger and bigger parts and when she finally landed her big break the writers and producers loved her and wrote more lines for her and the world was her oyster. She was beautiful and vibrant and fans loved her. She was sexy and funny and a really good actress. Then one day our actress who was almost A list in her part of the television world on a network show was gone. Why? She came out. The producers freaked out. They thought fans would go running away from her and the show and they wanted no part of it. Worse was that our actress talked about it a lot. After she came out she wanted the world to know how she felt and became very active in equality causes. This was too much and her contract wasn’t renewed. No matter, because this other network loved her and scooped her up not knowing that she was a lesbian. Not knowing she had come out to the cast and crew. Not knowing how outspoken she was in her beliefs. That contract which looked so fat and juicy and filled with dollar signs was quickly bought out. Our actress has never worked again. Ever. Reason? Blackballed. It is one thing to be out but quiet another thing to be vocal about it. Oh sure, if you are a huge star you can say what you want and if you are pulling in the ratings there will be lip service but if you are just a cog in the machine you need to make sure you don’t do anything to stop that machine. The word was whispered and producers were advised to not hire the actress.

Kristy McNichol, Amanda Bearse


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