In honor of me getting to see Lindsay Lohan screw up for hours on end while filming a television show I thought we would play the game of who has she had sex with that you don’t know about. All of them are surprising.

#1- Academy Award winner/multiple nominee. Married. Has been in a relationship both times he had sex with her. Once he was even married. Ben Affleck

#2 – Talk show host. She had a threesome with him and his girlfriend at the time who was a B lister then and didn’t have the bad plastic surgery yet. Tara Reid,  Carson Daly

#3 – At the time he was an A list mostly television actor and she had a threesome with the A lister and the A lister’s co-star who was her boyfriend at the time.
A lister: Ashton Kutcher
Co-star/boyfriend: Wilmer Valderrama

Show: “That 70’s Show”

#4 – Was visiting the set of the actress in #2 and ended up having sex with (a) the ex-boyfriend of the B+ list mostly movie actress with A+ name recognition and on a separate day the “star” of the movie who is actually on a pretty decent almost television show.

Movie: “American Reunion”
Ex-boyfriend of B+ movie actress: Chris Klein, Katie Holmes
Star of movie: Jason Biggs
Television show: “Orange Is the New Black”


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