For the first time since they lost a massive lawsuit many years ago, this reality family is going to be writing down tens of millions of dollars in losses in companies that all went under or will be the end of the year.


Kim Kardashian Moves for Dismissal of EthereumMax Lawsuit

The queen of drama, businesswoman, and media personality, Kimberly Kardashian, has returned to the crypto news pool. Kardashian is still defending herself against the EthereumMax “pump and dump” allegations. Her lawyers have now moved for the dismissal of a class-action lawsuit.

To put things in context, Kim Kardashian is being sued by investors alongside other celebrities such as boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, basketball player Paul Pierce, and the currency’s creators for making “false or misleading statements to investors about EthereumMax, through social-media advertisements and other promotional activities.”

Kardashian promoted the project on Instagram in June 2021, and her legal team is now arguing for the dismissal of the class-action lawsuit in a California U.S. District Court.

Kim K’s legal team has pointed out that her post specifically stated that it was “not financial advice.”

The plaintiffs suffered “investment losses,” and the filing now claims that the influencers were paid in Ether to promote EMAX were unfounded, citing a lack of evidence that Kardashian received financial compensation for her Instagram posts. – Source

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