20 04, 2022

Courtroom drawings

Judging by the artist drawings coming from the courtroom, the artist is no fan of the reality family, but loves the one suing them.

15 03, 2022

Everyone is playing their role to get people to watch.

Never let it be said that this reality family is not good at drumming up publicity for a new product, especially one as lucrative as their new television show. Everyone is playing their role to get people to watch. Everything is all designed to bring in eyeballs. Everything except the deaths, the racist and homophobic stuff from one family member, the cheating scandal of another. Those will all be ignored to fit the narrative for the season.

7 03, 2022

3 blinds in a row

The permanent A list rapper has decided to take a "personal interest" in the new single of this former one-fifth. / While out of the country, this A- list reality star from a family full of them yelled at a waitress for not emptying the reality star's ashtray after the star had smoked one cigarette. / This foreign born former A+ list tweener is going to miss a lot of dates on his tour.

8 02, 2022

It was a tiny shot

It was a tiny shot to be sure, but it was a shot that this online/television tabloid took at the reality family. Of course it was their least favorite member of the family, but perhaps there is a change in dynamic occurring.

2 01, 2022

They are going to go after the reality family

That very lengthy newspaper article about the former manager of the "singer" didn't have much that you already didn't know, but did hint where they were going next. They are going to go after the reality family and how they have profited off the "singer."

22 12, 2021

Whole told her?

Was the STD rumor about the new baby mother to the foreign born alliterate athlete put out there to make her life miserable by the reality family? It was done through a third party so they have total deniability, but what is the point of having the first baby mother saying it? Whole told her?