On the one year anniversary of a project the alliterate one announced, it would be nice to have a reporter track how many of the 40 celebrities asked, actually did what the big announcement said they were all going to do.

You know if it had been completed, there would have been a celebration. I can’t wait to hear what is announced today to great fanfare that won’t be completed and to which no follow up questions will ever be asked.

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday campaign was ‘a bit of a bust’ after ‘radio silence’

As Meghan Markle gears up to celebrate her 41st birthday tomorrow (August 4), one royal expert looked back on the campaign she launched to mark her last birthday – calling the effort “a bit of a bust”.

The Duchess of Sussex famously released a video last year announcing the 40×40 campaign – in which 40 of her friends would give up 40 minutes of their time to encourage women hoping to get back into the workplace.

However, royal expert and host of the podcast To Di For Daily Kinsey Schofield wasn’t convinced by the efforts.

“I think Meghan’s 40×40 campaign was a bit of a bust,” she said.

“But it’s hard to evaluate it without hearing or seeing any of the results. Perhaps she’s playing the long game and we’ll get updates this year.”

The campaign video Meghan released last year seemed promising to many, featuring a cameo by Melissa McCarthy and promising to create a ‘ripple effect’ after many women around the world lost their jobs due to Covid.

However, Kinsey argues that as the campaign has seemingly ended in “radio silence”, it hasn’t had the desired effect.

“The intention was great but I think the execution was not,” she continued.

“They should have followed up with unique stories about the elite mentors participating, what the women being mentored learned in the process.

“Did they get any professional opportunities because they were mentored by someone Meghan knows? That is great press.”

She added: “To go radio silent makes it feel like they tried something, it didn’t take off, let’s pretend it didn’t happen.” – Source

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