You probably don’t think of this A+ list actress taking drugs, and she probably hasn’t for awhile, but back in the day when she was probably A- list she was the worst human being to be around.

She would yell and scream and beat up her significant other multiple times.

Julia Roberts

Kiefer Sutherland

Congrats to the former A list comedian on his wedding to the woman three decades his junior who he first met when she was 16.

Dane Cook (51)

Kelsi Taylor (23)

While overseas, the foreign born former syndicated actress met with the secret leaker for the first time in a long time and he told her there have been numerous attempts on his life.

Pamela Anderson

Julian Assange

If the former talk show host does decide to move across the country, the saddest person will be their drug dealer.

$7K a week he earns from the former talk show host.

Wendy Williams

The walking blind item is going to end up dead if she doesn’t stop taking meth.

Taryn Manning

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