You don’t want to be a staff member at this London hotel right now and have a run in with this A- list actress who is one more bad press event from being a whatever happened to.

There is a lot of I am better than you going on with her.

Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zegler, set to star in Disney’s live-action Snow White remake, has stirred controversy on TikTok for the film’s progressive updates. Traditionalists are unhappy with her casting as the princess, given her Colombian-Polish heritage. Resurfaced interviews reveal Zegler’s critique of the original’s 1930s roots, calling the love story with a “stalking” prince “weird.”

She emphasizes the remake’s focus on Snow White’s inner journey, not the love story. Zegler also deems the original’s portrayal of women as “extremely dated” and plans to redefine “the fairest of them all” as the most just, not the most beautiful.

The fallout on TikTok highlights discontent from various demographics.

Disney reportedly postpones Snow White remake due to fears of a ‘financial disaster,’ aiming to avoid a flop like Cats. The decision to delay the film until March 2025 follows concerns about potential box office failure, which could impact future remakes and sequels.

The move comes after Rachel Zegler, the film’s star, criticized the original ‘weird’ plot with a ‘stalker’ Prince. Insiders suggest Disney is reevaluating its approach, acknowledging the need to deliver a successful film and address online criticism. The initial casting of Zegler as Snow White had sparked controversy for deviating from the traditional depiction of the character.

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