It shouldn’t be a shocker the permanent A list one named singer is always late.

Don’t forget back in the day when she was making the music video with the permanent A list “singer,” she made the singer wait for hours each day past the call time for the shoot.

Each day there was a different excuse.


Britney Spears

This former late night actor is doing his recovery no favors by hoovering lines of coke at every opportunity.

Pete Davidson

You should hear what his billionaire “friends” say about this talkative East Coast rapper.

To him, they’re his role models.

To them, he is their court jester always willing to do something strange for some change.

Robert Kraft

Meek Mill

This foreign born celebrity sibling is the new plaything of a Russian oligarch who has been financing projects to get her in front of cameras.

He wants his investment to be super popular.

Lottie Moss
Kate Moss’s sister

Lottie Moss, known for her presence on OnlyFans, will address the Oxford Union next month.

She’s been invited to debate the topic of ‘women sacrificing too much for love,’ drawing from her dating history.

Lottie follows in the footsteps of notable figures like Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, and Winston Churchill.

Her appearance comes after a candid video about her mental health and identity struggles. Despite her challenges, she’s excited about her debut at the union.

Lottie will argue against formidable opponents, including lawyers Mahnaz Malik and Dana Denis-Smith. The debate centers on whether women give up more for love than men, challenging traditional expectations. Lottie, who didn’t attend university, rose to fame as a teenage model.

Siblings: Kate Moss, Nick Moss

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