The governing body for this A+ national sports program is in crisis mode due to multiple assault scandals.

Despite demands for more transparency and the removal of top brass, the organization is far more concerned with keeping the public in the dark to ensure that sponsorship money and TV contracts are protected.


What’s happening:

  • Five Canadian hockey players from the 2018 World Junior team are expected to face sexual assault charges in London, Ontario.
  • They have been given until late next week to surrender to the police, and a press conference on Feb. 5 is expected to provide more information on the case.
  • The allegations revolve around a group sexual assault that allegedly occurred in 2018.
  • Consent is a central issue, with conflicting accounts between the alleged victim and the players.
  • Former Crown prosecutor Nick Cake states that the players will be arrested like anyone else, either voluntarily or by police intervention.
  • Once arrested, they would be read their rights and given an opportunity to consult with a lawyer.
  • The case involves a young woman identified as “E.M.,” who reported being sexually assaulted by a group of junior hockey players after a Hockey Canada Foundation Gala and Golf event in 2018.

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