They spun the story but those who remember what happened will never forget.

His wife divorced him after discovering that he had brainwashed, abused and groomed their granddaughter.

He even walked the red carpet with the poor girl and she was paid to call her own grandmother a liar.

The actor thought he’d gotten away with it until her murder trial.

Her therapist testified under oath and confirmed that the girl was haunted by what he had done to her.

Morgan Freeman

Ex-wife: Myrna Colley-Lee – m. 1984–2010

Granddaughter: E’Dena Hines

What happened:

  • Allegations surface that Morgan Freeman had a secret affair with his step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, who was later murdered.
  • Hines reportedly disclosed the alleged inappropriate relationship with Freeman to her boyfriend-turned-killer, Lamar Davenport.
  • Defense lawyer Beth Unger revealed this information in court, but specific details were not provided.
  • A therapist, Dr. Jeremy Colley, testified that Davenport and Hines frequently argued about infidelity, leading to a tumultuous relationship.
  • Rumors about Freeman’s affair with Hines had circulated since 2009, with gossip sites suggesting a serious relationship and even marriage plans.
  • Although not blood-related, Freeman had known Hines since childhood and played a significant role in her life.
  • Freeman and Hines had previously denied the allegations of a romantic relationship, dismissing them as fabrications by tabloid media.
  • Both Freeman and Hines released statements refuting the claims of a romantic involvement in 2012.
  • Tragically, Hines was murdered in 2015, allegedly by her drug-induced boyfriend, who stabbed her 25 times outside her Manhattan building, according to prosecutors.

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