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This foreign mafia infiltrated this tiny country long ago.

Through buckets of cash thrown to the leader and occasional violence which of course is never prosecuted, the mafia use this country for their banking and laundering needs.

They also use it as a hub for illegal trafficking.

Most of that is an open secret. What was very much a closed secret until the past few days is the threat they made very real to make sure they had the cooperation of the leader. He was being pressured by a larger government to do something about the trafficking and violence that was seeping across the border.

When the royal tried to get tough, the CEO of this athletic team and country representative for the mafia personally took part in the sexual assault of the wife of the leader and made sure to have it all filmed.

He then made the leader watch it and told him who would be next if the royal didn’t get back on board.

The royal did get back on board but this is why his wife keeps trying to leave.

She keeps coming back because of the threats made about her much much younger relatives and what will be done to them if she doesn’t come back and put on a happy face.



Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Wife: Charlene, Princess of Monaco

Larger government: France

CEO: Dmitry Rybolovlev, Monégasque Football Federation

Younger relatives: Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

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Now, she is all about getting some of that balding royal and his money.

In a nutshell this is what’s going on lately:

  • Princess Charlene of Monaco celebrated her 46th birthday amid a financial scandal (January 25, 1978).
  • Former accountant Claude Palmero alleged Princess Charlene’s excessive spending and hiring of illegal immigrants.
  • Palmero’s revelations have strained the royal family’s relationship with him.
  • Princess Charlene reportedly exceeded her annual allowance, spending large sums on personal projects.
  • Palmero claims he warned her about the financial risks, but she continued to spend lavishly.
  • Prince Albert II faces allegations of secret accounts for mistresses and illegitimate children.
  • The couple’s marriage has been troubled by controversies, including paternity claims and rumors of separation.
  • Princess Charlene has spent extended periods in South Africa and Switzerland, fueling separation rumors.
  • Her absence from public life, removal of her Instagram account, and not wearing her wedding ring add to speculation.
  • The financial scandal could lead to a significant divorce settlement in the future, impacting Prince Albert’s substantial net worth.

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